We Did It - Together!

Yes, we got the contract... and now the real work begins!

$34,050 raised

$60,000 goal

/ 150


Our 21st Century Animal Shelter begins with YOU!

We are holding a drive to raise $60,000 before High Country Humane's grand opening.

Funding from the City and County covers the basic services but we want our new community shelter to offer so much more! Programs like summer camps for grades 1-9; humane education for all ages to help owners learn how to care for their pets; and a veterinary clinic that provides spay/neuter and other basic veterinary care to low-income families will help make our shelter a community resource for all pet owners and their families. We need your support to raise the additional funds that will help ensure that High Country Humane is the high-caliber shelter our community wants and deserves.

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